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Does membership in Texas Top 10% comply with Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Rules and Regulations?

Absolutely.  Rule §108.62 only prohibits a licensed dentist from compensating a third party to include his/her name in the selection process to determine the recipients of an award.  Texas Top 10% did not receive any compensation from any licensed dentists in its search to identify and recognize those in the Top 10%. Rule §108.62 also states that a licensed dentist is allowed to purchase advertisements to communicate the receipt of an award.  Our membership fee is considered to be payment for such advertisements.

What benefit do I receive from my membership with Texas Top 10%?

Our introductory price of $250 provides you with significant benefits that will help grow your practice. Your benefits include:

1. Member Directory Profile

Not only do you benefit from having your name and picture on our prestigious website, your own website will benefit as well! Our website is uniquely optimized for Google so that your directory listing will automatically boost your Google ranking in this highly competitive market. Learn more about how this works here.


2. Digital Badge

A digital badge with the Texas Top 10% logo to proudly place on your website.  The badge’s regal design will surely catch the eye of your website’s visitors. Learn more about the badge here.


3. Wall Plaque

A luxurious, wooden plaque with your name engraved on it.  The plaque includes the Texas Top 10% logo and your name.  It is customized in Texas and will surely catch the eye of your patients.

How does membership in Texas Top 10% boost my own website?

When someone Google searches for a dentist, the search results are not random. Similar to Texas Top 10%, Google utilizes a proprietary algorithm that ranks the websites that appear on the results page. The more authoritative a website, the higher it ranks. Authority comes from a few areas, but most important are what are called “backlinks.” A backlink is a hyperlink of your website that appears on another website. A backlink tells Google that your website is so authoritative that other sites are placing links to it on their own sites. A backlink from provides significant benefit to your practice’s website and its ranking on Google.

What is a Digital Badge?

Our digital badge will be e-mailed to you for placement on your website.  The badge can either be sent as a high-resolution image or as code which is typically the preferred method of website developers.


What are the dental industry-specific factors that Texas Top 10% uses to identify and recognize the top dentists in Texas?

Although our algorithm is proprietary and thus not publicly disclosed, it is important that the public understands how we determine a dentist who rises to the Top 10% in Texas.  Unlike most honor organizations such as Texas Top 10%, we use industry-specific factors to determine candidates for our award. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Significant Experience in Dentistry

  2. Positive Patient Reviews

  3. Responsive Level of Communication

  4. Clean Disciplinary Record

  5. Use of Innovative Techniques

  6. and Other Industry-Specific Factors

These dentistry-specific factors are assigned different weights of importance and inputted into our algorithm.  From there we are able to determine who are the Texas Dentists that are eligible to be considered in the Top 10% of their field.  Please be aware, that the choice of a dentist is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Texas Top 10% does not warrant the dental procedures performed by one of our members.  


Did the dentist pay for their Texas Top 10% award?

Absolutely not.  Our organization prides itself on being unbiased and unpersuaded when identifying those dentists who are in the Top 10%.  We do not accept any monetary value from any dentist prior to running our proprietary formula. The only payment a Top 10% dentist makes is for the costs associated with being listed in our online directory, for a wall plaque memorializing the award, and/or for a digital badge of the award to place on the dentist’s website.

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